United Arab Emirates


Galadari Automobiles Co.Ltd.LLC is a part of Galadari group of companies. Apart from Automobile they are the former group in UAE also into heavy equipment, Printing, Confectionaries, Hospitality etc. Galadari is the distributor for Mazda and Mahindra.


Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan & Co. LLC

Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan is the oldest automotive dealers in Oman, established in 1927. Other business interest lies in Agriculture, Electricity and Construction and Real Estate. Main Brands are GMC, Suzuki etc.


Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros.Co.LLC

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros.Co.LLC a very well-known group, in Automobile Industry since 1958. Business spans across Construction Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Warehousing Solutions, Automotive Solutions.


International Motor Trading Agency

International Motor Trading Agency is a division of K.E Kanoo group, very well established business house in Bahrain .More than 8 decades of experience in the Gulf region. They are distributors of Mazda, Gilly etc.



Autogros is a prime trading house in Kuwait. Part of Alfig Group is into trading in tires, spare parts etc.


Abu Rahmah Trading Co.

Abdul Rahmah Trading Co. is an established name in Jordan’s lubricant market since 1981 Spread with 8 branches across Jordan, with distributors across the country.



Nasco is a well-established group in Levant region and many ME countries.  Main activities in automotive spare parts & lubricants.



NASCO is a Division of Nasco group of companies.
Operational since 2005.
Dealing in automotive spare parts & lubricants


Abu Khader- Palestine Motors Co

Abu Khader- Palestine motors Co is an affiliate of Nasco group. It is established in 2000. Also, distributors of products, spare parts, batteries, and tires brands.

Saudi Arabia

Khalid Saeed Al- Hajri group

Khalid Saeed Al-Hajri group of businesses are spread in to transportation, heavy equipment, oil and gas fields services, transportation of drilling rigs, trading of tires, automobile accessories, water desalination plants, travel and tourism, real estate, security services, furniture manufacturing. Their operations are spread in KSA, Qatar, Dubai, Turkey and Lebanon.  It is established in 1984.

South Africa

Samuels Oil (Pty) Ltd

Samuel Oil is a part of Samuel Group who are the forerunners in Fuel, Gas and Lubricant distribution with interests in Automobile, Real estate, Forestry and Hospitality Samuels Oil is the official Veedol brand license holder with manufacturing rights for Veedol products in South Africa.


Tehama Trading Co.

Tehama Trading Co. was established in 1972 which is a pat of Thabet group whose interests are spread into dairy, packaging, shipping, insurance etc.


Juabili Bros

Jubaili Bros is a member of Jubaili Group Holding which is incorporated in Lebanon and manages several companies in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. They are specialized in the Electro-Mechanical field and the roots go back to the 1940’s with the Rajab Jubaili Establishment.


Gapco Sudan Ltd (Petrola)

Gapco Sudan Ltd (Petrola) is an established name in oil, petroleum and LPG storage, distribution and marketing in Sudan, have their own petrol stations branded Petrola.